Fully Customizable Printing Available

How does this work you ask?

1Where is the paper printed?
We have a full state of the art print shop in house, with laser guided linear cutters for state of the art no issue prints.
2What substrates can we print on?
We offer a rang of materials to print on, from self adhesive canvas media to flat peel and stick, to pre-pasted wallpaper we offer tons.
3Is there a custom print/design fee?
Yes. There our design fee is $120 per hour for all custom work. A minimum of 3 hours is required and time is billed up front so there is no complication. Prints are paid for when design is done, we charge basic wallpaper rates for the prints nothing more.
4How long does this process take?
This really all depends on you the client, if you are responsive and great feedback is give it could be 7-10 business days.
5Is there a special ink you use?
Yes. We use all water based latex inks that are certified for all interior environments and are fumeless so very safe for kids rooms and baby nursery's.